Mouth guards are important tools to have for anyone with active lifestyles. Participating in any contact sport with the potential of an injury would be a great time to wear one. With so much to do out there, everyone should have a guard available and ready to go. This will prevent any serious injury due to any recreational accident or occurrence. Many sports accidents are exactly that: Accidents. It’s easy to think the basketball game you play each week is safe and harmless, which is why many people do not wear a mouth guard until an accident occurs and it’s too late.
There are many different kinds of mouth guards. There are some you can purchase at the store and others that can be custom-made to fit your teeth. Mouth guards can help with more than high-contact activities as well. Perhaps you grind your teeth at night. Perhaps you would like to reduce your snoring with a mouth guard. Whatever the reason for your mouth guard, you can talk to your dentist. Your dentist can help you and can answer any questions you have.
Too many people wait until after an injury to think about protecting their teeth. Do better and call Andrew Henritze DDS, schedule an appointment, and gear up your smile for whatever recreational activity comes your way.