Did you know that when it comes to oral health, men may have different concerns than women? We at Andrew Henritze DDS would love to help increase your awareness of your potential health risks and what you can do to prevent or resolve these concerns.
Did you know that some medications result in what is known as dry mouth? Dry mouth is a condition in which your mouth decreases its natural saliva production. As saliva is key in washing away harmful bacteria and food particles, this decrease can lead to significant increases in tooth decay and other dental issues. If your medication causes such side effects, ask your doctor for a healthy alternative. If there is none to be found, you can combat symptoms of dry mouth by chewing sugar-free gum, using alcohol-free mouthwash regularly, and sipping water frequently and avoiding frequent tobacco and alcohol use
According to the World Health Organization, 40% of men around the globe smoke, as opposed to only 9% of women. With all that social pressure, it’s easy to cave in. Tobacco doesn’t only injure your mind and overall physical health; it hurts your oral health too. It greatly increases one’s chances of contracting oral cancer and gum disease. If you are addicted to tobacco and want to quit, know that we believe in you and will support you all the way.
A final thing that can hurt your smile is playing sports without the protection of a mouth guard. No matter which sport you play, there’s a possibility that the ball, a player, or a hard object can hit your mouth and result in oral injury, like chipped, broken, or knocked-out teeth. You can get a generic store bought one or even better, a custom-fit mouth guard from our office, and wear it every time you play.
If you take diligent care of your smile, you’ll be on your way to top-notch oral care. For more information, call our office in Roanoke, Virginia at (540) 989-6600 for an appointment with Dr. Andrew W Henritze, DDS.