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Mouth Guards

Worry about your game, not your teeth

We offer our patients several types of mouth guards. For our athletic patients, especially those who play contact sports, such as wrestling, football, hockey, and rugby, we recommend a mouth guard or sports guard. Sports guards fit over your teeth to protect your smile from injury.
However, all types of athletes can benefit from a sports guard. Whether you play soccer, basketball, or baseball, a sports guard is a great way to protect your smile and keep it safe.
A custom-made mouth guard is the most effective in protecting your smile, and is designed to comfortably fit your smile and prevent dental injury, such as knocked-out and chipped teeth. A sports guard can also help to prevent injury to the soft tissues of the mouth, including the tongue, lips, cheeks, and gums.
If you would like to learn more about how mouth guards can benefit your smile, pleasecontact us today.


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